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Room & Linen Spray

Room & Linen Spray

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Room sprays are great to quickly freshen up your space. They can be used on rugs, curtains, couches, or just freely in the air. When using any fabric, patch test first as every material is different. Room sprays come in reusable 8oz glass amber bottles with locking trigger spray. Make sure to use on "spray" option.

Handcrafted in Holland, MI


Pillow talk-mahogany, cedar, lavender and musk

Between the sheets-ozone, sea salt, jasmine 

Marshmallow Pine-fir, pine, buttercream


gently shake before each use. spray 10-12 inches away from the desired surface (curtains, linens, rugs) or mist into the air. spray as needed.


Spray should not be used on any sensitive fabrics and materials such as silk, satin, or leather. patch test on material if unsure. avoid spraying directly on the skin. keep the trigger locked when not in use and keep away from children.

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