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Cold Process Soap

Cold Process Soap

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Each batch of soap is formulated with quality, skin-loving ingredients to maximize your bathing experience, leaving skin soft, supple, and moisturized. Every batch has been cured for 4-8 weeks and tested before being listed to ensure that customers receive the mildest bar of soap.

RUBIES ON A WEDNESDAY: Dark and arcane, ruby red juice of pomegranate, sweet, crisp Bartlett pears, Casablanca lilies, extinguished embers of guaiac wood, and patchouli

SUNDAY ELEVENSES: Coffee, Lavender, sugared pistachio, amaretto, spearmint, Almond Milk, sandalwood, cedarwood, macarons. An ode to lazy Sunday morning coffee runs, crisp weather, and sweet weekend indulgences. If #selfcaresunday were a scent, it would be this.

HIGHBROW: Earl grey tea, black pepper, vintage novels, antique wooden furnishings and smooth vanilla perfume convey chic academia. It's giving shy bookworm, introverted black sheep, your favorite dark corners in the study hall.

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