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Arbor Made Refillable Candle Jar and Refill Set

Arbor Made Refillable Candle Jar and Refill Set

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The world's first reusable candle jar, with an innovative and patent pending design that makes it easy for you to reuse and refill over and over again!

The first of its kind, refillable candle jar makes it easy for you to push up on the flexible base to *pop* out the leftover wax! Instead of throwing away your used candle jars or spending hours trying to upcycle them, now you can just reuse the jar and slide one of the custom wax refills right in. From there, just light it like normal!

Set includes 1 Jar and 1 refill

Made in Michigan

Scents Available:

Vanilla Colada-As the morning sun shines into your room, you snuggle into your blanket and breathe in the creamy scent of vanilla with a hint of coconut. This warm, comforting scent softens your mind and sets a restful tone for the day. 

Notes include: vanilla, coconut, sugar, buttercream, and sandalwood.

Spiced Timber Refill-Tucked away under the shade of a dark forest, you find yourself nestled next to the fireplace in a rustic wood cabin. Embers from the burning wood carry a hint of spice and warmth with this woodsy scent.

Notes include: teakwood, amber, sandalwood, tobacco leaf, cloves, ginger, and peppercorn

 Petals Abloom Refill-Walking through a blooming garden on a refreshing spring morning, you brush your fingers over the soft petals of a pastel peony. This light scent brings the perfect balance of sweetness and serenity.

Notes include: cherry blossom, peony, green leaves, freesia, and magnolia

Mellow Breeze Refill-Watching as the waves crash gently upon the shore, you feel the clean, crisp air lightly mist your face. A rejuvenating mix of citrus and ozone, this scent brings brightness and peace to any room.

Notes include: sea salt, lemon, orange, jasmine, violet, and cedarwood

Cinnamon Swoon Refill-Wrapped in the warmth of your favorite knit blanket, you smell the wonderful aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls coming from the other room. This scent is the perfect addition to a cozy night in. 

Notes include: cinnamon, cream, balsam, vanilla, and clove

Midnight Orchard Refill-On a cool, crisp night you look up at the crescent moon as it shines over the orchard. This scent brings the aroma of hand-picked apples and a freshly poured cup of cider right into the comfort of your home.

Notes include: apple, pear, green leaves, vanilla, and cedarwood 

100% natural soy wax, sourced in North Carolina, USA.

Palmera Oasis-Encompassed by the lush vegetation and vibrant flowers surrounding your soothing bath, you let your body sink deeper into the water. This delightful blend of tropical notes induces a sense of joy and harmony.

Notes include: sea salt, freesia, orange, light musk, amber, and tonka bean

Lavender Bliss-Resting at a luxury spa getaway, you close your eyes and breathe in the gentle aroma of the fresh lavender fields around you. This tranquil scent transports your mind and body to a state of pure relaxation.

Notes include:  lavender, camphor, eucalyptus, cedar, and bergamot

Pumpkin Crumble-Indulge in the essence of autumn, as hints of nutmeg and vanilla intertwine with the warm aroma of a freshly baked pumpkin dessert. This inviting scent fills your home, evoking the cozy spirit of the season.

Notes include: pumpkin, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, and clove

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